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Exploring the Mysteries of Love with Creativity

At the beginning of February, I was meditating on the concept of Love for this month's energetic focus for my visionary art practice of exploring creative mysteries. 

I picked up my sketchpad & pencil & began to draw, allowing my intuition to lead to my pencil's marks.

As a result, sketching the Divine Feminine winking at the viewer turned out to be a delightful surprise.

During meditation, I was shown how Love has many meanings & layers. Just as the Divine has many faces throughout time.

Goddesses & gods of Love can be found in myths, legends & stories from all over the globe, across time & cultures.

Love is a universal theme. It connects humanity as surely as we have hearts. We feel love in our hearts. Love changes us.

The benefits of love are multi-layered and multidimensional. Love has stopped wars and started them. Love heals and when twisted it can wound us, too.

February has been associated with romantic love since the 1400s. I encourage readers to research St. Valentine's Day history, along with love myths, folktales & deities to draw their conclusions. Literally & figuratively.

We are all familiar with the classic image of the love goddesses Aphrodite & Venus. These archetypes embody love, beauty & passion from ancient Greek & Roman mythology.

But did you know as many deities rule over love as there are a myriad of the concepts of love?

According to my research, there are feminine/Yin/receptive, masculine/Yang/active deities, & non-binary/non-linear/nonordinary expressions of the divine ruling over all kinds of love, from romance to beauty, lust, & fertility, to name just a few.

Some aspects of love aren't so lovely. Some are born of woundedness, yet remain in the realm of love.

Not to mention loving the animate as well as the inanimate.

Love is everywhere.

Our ancestors recognized that love had many meanings, all woven together under the spell of amore'.

Love is held within us & its shared effects are undeniable. It has the power to change the world, both for the better & when toxic, for worse.

The purest form of Love comes from an open, divinely aligned heart & mind, body & soul. It's a place of complete acceptance, in my experience. It's a visceral place without judgment or prejudice.

We can feel it resonating throughout our senses. When divinely sourced, it fills us with the bliss of pure ecstasy. It can be an orgasmic test, pushing us to the edge of our potential & our endurance for being fully alive, on fire with Love's divine light.

When we stand in the light of pure Love, we are connected, unified, and whole. We become holy, one with the Divine, as we remember Love's truth. We become who we are meant to be.

During my vision, I intuitively drew what I was being shown. I saw a face of the Divine Feminine winking at me, conspiratorially. A tiny smile played at the edges of her lips & a twinkle of knowing sparkled in her eyes. I wondered which of the faces of the goddess I had drawn.

She serves as a reminder to liberate my heart from any heartbreak, as I remember that to love myself unconditionally is a pathway to living my life as the Love of the Divine would...penetrating & permeating my environment with the Love that makes life possible.

I weave love into everything I do, from creating to cooking & cleaning to being in any relationship, including my relationship with Mother Nature.

Love becomes a way of life when I remember I Am Love. I intend to carry this practice forward, deepening it further with intention, far beyond this February.

As I continue to explore the mystery of this powerful force, it is with gratefulness for the wisdom I find hidden in the echoes of our past, as well as the love I am fortunate to be experiencing in the present.

I wonder how we can expand our definitions & experiences of love as we go forward.

*Here's a follow-up note on receiving an answer to which face of the Divine Feminine was the face from my vision. In a conversation with a sacred sister soul the next day, it was revealed that Innana was the Goddess I sketched.

This is my evidence of the magic of my explorations into the mysteries of love with creativity as my guide & muse.

May the gifts of Love & Creativity flow through all life on this precious little blue planet Earth that we call Home.


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