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Cat Shepard's ritual healing arts services, offerings, ceremonies & energetic services are cultivated from her 35+ years of experience, study & practice.  She is a certified Independent Reiki Master of Bekki & Mark Price/Gail Wood/Diane Stein's unofficial Usui lineage, certified Karuna & Do Hai Reiki systems.  She has experience with many shamanistic techniques, energetic clearings, polarity therapy, sound vibrational therapy, and the ritual healing arts from European, Asian, African, Australian, North & South American traditions,  Cat continues to deepen her education, exploring new technologies, modalities & practices for restoring our inner and outer balance, realigning with Mother Nature & reclaiming our Creative Soul-Source Connections.

Cat Shepard is a well-seasoned, experientially-trained ritual priestess, an energy expert, an empath, a consultant, a creative visionary, a doorkeeper to Alternate realities & an elder wisdom keeper.

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