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Evolutionary Possibility - The Power of Transformations, Unleashing Creativity, Embracing Sacredness

Art & Wyrdspell by Cat Shepard, c.2023NOV.

I AM She,

As I See Her.

Phoenix Rising

From Her Ashes.

Ashes, that is She

Forged from Her Sacred Rites

Of Purification,

with the Beautification, and

The Magic of a

Complete Transformation.

Reborn from a Trance Form-action,

She embodies

A Transform-Creation

Of Her Energy,

Re-Turning to Her Essence,

Her Wholeness,

Her Holiness,

Her body-mind-heart,

And soul, more fully

At Home.

Now she sees with new eyes

A new conscious reality, recognized.

For all human-kind,

As an Evolutionary Possibility!

To live as

One with the Uni-Verse

To live as if the

Love Song of the

Uni-Verse is in Every One

To live as One

With the Uni-Verse

So that No One,

Is no longer

A Matter of...

Age, race, gender or status,

Nor viewed as




Knowing All Life is Sacred.

We now stand together


In the Web of Life.

It is the New Norm

Here on this,

our home-planet,

Our Mother, the Earth,

As we spin and we spin,

Spiraling among

The star nations

Joining in the Love Song

Of the Uni-Verse.


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