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An Invocation: Next World Rising

The following Invocation is in response to an invitation from Kitty Love, a sister-priestess, esoterica-seeker & mutual explorer of the arts & ritual, to participate in a global meditation & visioning of a new world.  A world after the quarantine.  A world that lives up to humankind’s fullest potentials.  

I accepted the challenge. I consider it a taking part in the collective consciousness’ possible evolution into experiencing true unity while reaching for a world that is better than we can imagine at this point in time.

It is meant as a call to the Yin, the receptive, deified principle of the regenerative, gestational energies from all around this little blue planet we call home. The earth is calling for us to listen. To live sustainably & more simply, in ways that promote harmony, honoring the earth as a living organism of which we are an integral part. If we do not heed this call, the call to return home to a heart-centered, fully conscious awakening of the truth, we lose our opportunity for shifting our paradigm. Maybe forever.

This experience has initiated a series of rituals focusing on the visioning and intentions that have been co-created from mine & Kitty’s search for creative expression during a time when an artist’s communal creative urges are adjusting to physical distancing. The changes that can be made for the betterment of all humankind & all life must be engaged now. If anything, this pandemic is showing us that the earth is completely capable of renewing itself without the influence of humanity’s destructive, controlling, power-over, dominating approach to living on this earth.

In the following days of meditation on my experiences, what was brought forth was this wyrd-spell. I offer it to each of you as a gift during this time of great change. I use it as both inspiration & an anchoring point. It provides a beginning to my ritual workings of creating a bridge between where we are now and where we are going next. I invite you to be inspired by it in your own way. Use it as it is, or adapt it to your own sacred purposes.

Please remember to offer gratitude in exchange for the blessings that may result.  Remember, for every action, there is an equal, and opposite reaction.  As you set your intentions, look forward, far into the future.  What do you want our world to be?  Look to the past for the lessons & wisdom for co-creating the Present, a gift of the Here & Now, where all magic happens. 

“An Invocation: Next World Rising”

“We call Brighid with Her Flames of Inspiration, Purification, & Creativity,

Making way for the Others.

We call The Holy Blessed Mother Mary,

With Her Immaculate Heart standing quietly,

Her Love for us opening us up to the Source.

With the Queen of Love & Excrement beneath Her,

Tlazlteotl’s gobbling up the Toxins from our shit.

We call Quan Yin quietly radiating Her Light of Sacred Compassion & Mercy,

Pouring the Healing Waters of Grace down upon Humanity.

We call White Buffalo Calf Woman shining Her Light of Sacred Purity,

Sharing Her Wisdom of the EarthWays.

We call the Cailleach spreading the Power of Her Ancient Wisdom,

Stirring the Cauldron of Transformation.

We call the Libera, The Free One, Libre Liberte’,

Bringing Her Real Freedoms-From,

Freedoms not to only protect the One,

She is of Freedoms not born of Control,

But birthed from equitable Collaborations with Community.

We call Ariadne & Her Web of Life,

Sparkling across the sky’s Starlit tapestry,

Weaving among them with the strands of Her silken Insight.

We call Aradia like a Bright Star in the night,

Hanging above, watching it all.

We call Sekhmet standing in Her Flames of Transmutation,

Inviting those who dare to join Her in the Light.

We call Persephone the Maiden,

She who blesses our Depths with Her Courage & Faith,

So that we may emerge from this Darkness renewed.

We call Hekate with Her Torches & Keys,

Lighting up the CrossRoads before us.

There are so many more,

From all around the Cosmos they come,

Ancient Mothers, Strong Maidens & Wise She-Elders,

All joining together to bring

The Light of Higher Consciousness to the Earth,

To shine the Light of Truth,

To awaken an Evolutionary Shift in HumanKind –

A shift that Frees us from the Old Paradigm,

Transforming our World,

Co-Creating Optimal Health

On all Levels

Throughout all Dimensions, Time & Space

On all Planes & throughout all the Realms,

So that All may live together

In Harmony,

With Love Leading the Way forward,

Rebirthing the New World,

The Next World,

From the Ashes of the Old.

Wyrd-Spell-Poem by Cat Shepard-2020Quarantine


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