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A Time of Cocooning

Since the beginning of this Time of Cocooning, my focus has honed more sharply into the present. Even as I try to “plan” for the future. I’ve gotten the message that my visioning, my creative & sacred ritual arts from the past 30 years has all contributed to helping me through this historic time.

I grew up during the civil & political unrest of the late 1960s & ’70s. Coming of age in the 1980s caused me to reconsider my family’s traditional path for a woman; marriage, mortgage, raising a family, etc. I yearned for a life that was different. Nature caught my attention, anew. I did not look back after that.

In my visions, I am shown how the Weavers of Olde are fashioning a tapestry from the memories of my life. It’s all being woven together in alignment with Divinity, for my path to unfold naturally before me as I take each day, each step, each moment at a time, for being more conscious, for being as completely present as is possible in each moment.

I know that’s a bit vague, but that’s where I am right now. I do have clarity regarding my future potentials. They come in my meditations, in my quiet moments, in conversations, from anywhere and everywhere. When the clarity shows up, I try to stay with it for as long as possible.

I’ve learned that my challenges, obstacles, blockages – these are all potential opportunities for growth. Being observant of all the details and feeling grateful for the receiving of all the blessings, gifts, powers, and wisdom that results from the process of Co-Creatressing provides me with the support needed in the uncertainty.

For accuracy’s sake, I am not ” ‘fighting’ for the Next World”. I am embracing it with an open heart. In my observations & in my heart, I know that a combative, warring approach to our world has not served us well, at all, so far. I can’t see that fact changing, either. Knowing this, I remain open to the flow as I trust in my inner guidance for what comes next. I have this strong inner guidance insisting that I must keep my heart, mind & soul open for the needed changes to be realized, recognized & lived. In my world and in the world at large.

The previous paragraph about the “Next World” was inspired by many of my magical conversations and a specific question from a beloved sacred sister & premier artist-priestess, Kitty Love. We’ve been friends, circle-sisters, and have shared sacred space with each other for the past 20+ years. Please find Kitty’s links at the bottom of this post.

For now, I am collaborating, co-creating & ritualizing my life even more than I have ever done before. This path, I call it my Sacred Purpose Path, has been the main focus of my life for the past 30+ years. I am finding that my artistic, introverted, multidimensional, multi-faceted, visionary, wyld-soul self is very happy with staying home. I am diving more deeply into my creative expressions, gardening, hearth-home-keeping responsibilities, rituals & spiritual practices.

With the advent of physical-distancing measures in place, I am able to take a step back from all my interactions to notice what comes from them, how I feel about them, etc. I am constantly adjusting as the shifts happen. My guidance is telling me to listen to the messages from nature, from Source, from Within, from my connections with the cosmos even more deeply than ever before. This is essential.

I am surprised I am connecting with certain people more than I normally would or ever have in the past. Others, not so much. It isn’t just because I cannot go and visit with folks, face-to-face, as I would have chosen, either. The people I am connecting with at a deeper level are different from those that I would have guessed. They are the ones who are attracted to my frequency, and I to theirs, as we choose our interactions carefully and thoughtfully in this time of fearfulness.

Maybe this is making us more discriminant than in the past, with regards to whom we choose to share our time, space & self with, as a whole & how we choose to spend our time? I know it is in my life. It’s not good nor bad. It just is. That’s another gift of this time. I am thankful for all of the nurturing, inspiration, and wisdom that has been, and continues to be, shared so generously with me.

My explorations into the sacred & ritual mysteries of creativity have provided me with a strong foundation for my path continuing forward. I am in alignment with all that I have been working towards since I chose to live a sustainable, alternative lifestyle that supports my ethics, values & inner truths in the 1980s. It’s pretty much the same path as before, only now it’s more urgent that I listen to my inner guidance while maintaining my center in these times of great change. It is also a more natural way for me to live my life. I remember this state from childhood.

Finally, here’s a story that sprang forth as my response to a request from a sisterhood group asking; ” …how you are a part of the re-weaving, re-dreaming of GAIA. How is She dreaming through you?”

I offer this longer version with my gratitude for those sisters, their wisdom, the story-shares, and the sisterhood from all my Bone Sisters & for Reda Rackley, the founder. Please find her links at the end of this post. She is another wonderful visionary artist with a style that is reminiscent of the prehistoric art of our ancestors.

My response came straight from my heart. I hope you enjoy it. ❤

“The Wyldest Journey of She-Who-Knows”

Written by Cat Shepard – April 2020

“Once Upon a Long, Long, Long Time Ago, She-Who-Knows began her Wyldest Journey. As She started out, She had the thought- No truly wyld adventure can start without a song to begin the exploration of the Wyld Mysteries!

This Creatrix’s Wyld Song’s resonance rang throughout the Time and Space of Eternity, seeking out those who Came After. She sang her Ancestral Wyld-Bone-Singing songs of Awakening for all of HumanKind to partake.

She sang to Raise them from their Sheep-Sleep. To Rise Again, to Restore their Relations to Rightness.

Along with the Wyld-Bone songs, She dances in celebration, shaking the sacred ground under her feet. The Great Bear joined Her in Her prayer dance.

Their Wyld-Bone Songs & Sacred Prayer Dance is echoing across the Ages now. Slowly, slowly the Memory returns. She weaves it All ToGether, showing us the Web of Life. Opening up hearts & minds, bodies & souls to the Wyld Truth. We are awakening to the Love of the Greatest Mother Of All-Mother Nature, to the Wyld Wisdom of the GrandMothers, and to our return Home. “

May this time of uncertainty bless each of us with the gifts, blessings, lessons, & truth of our experiences, allowing us to create the changes we most need for living our healthiest, brightest & most sustainable lives, yet. ❤


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