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Ancestral Shadow Healing

An Ancient MotherSpirit is SoulSpeaking to Me…

In my solitary quest for understanding

The door closes behind me as I pray with

Silent vigils & tiny ceremonies honoring the simple breath

Inhaling love & pausing

Exhaling gratitude

And pausing…

Looking for the crack between the worlds

A force of Nature calls me to journey within.

To the Ancient One who is always with me…

She breathes with me,

Teaching me, guiding me towards Truth.

She goes by many names, too.

She lives in the land beneath my feet…

She lives in the roots of who I am…

She lives in the Darkness of my Depths.

As I tend to our little patch of earth,

Digging into the sacred soil

I find Her there

Nourishing my soul, healing my broken heart

Torn asunder & ravaged by the Shadow Wounds

That mark the Ancestral Traumas of this World.

Chaos & turmoil reign

As we try to find our way back.

The opportunities are there

For all with Eyes to See.

The healing is possible

For all with Hearts to Love,

For all with Ears to Hear the Truth.

The change is coming

Ready or not…

Here it is.


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