Wyld Soul Within

Awakening The Primal Power of Our Wyld Souls

 - Each ecstatic ritual body posture initiates an experiential journey with a guided meditation, percussion accompaniment & breathing practices.  This adventure into our Wild Soul's inner territory is based on many years of study and ritual practices for exploring the mysteries of creativity with myth.  Specifically, the women’s teaching stories collected in the seminal book “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  


Come to experience an initiation into the Soul’s Wyld Mysteries, learn the secrets of our instinctual wyld feminine power.  Leave with a deeper understanding of the gifts we carry in our wyld souls- maintain resilience, centered in a place of balance and a foundational awakening of the archetypal aspects of our duality as we unite them from within. 


Complete Cost of 9 circles: $660.

NOTE: Summer 2019 SPECIAL OFFER available for a limited time only is $595 for the entire series package.


Time: total of 18 hours in circle - (9 circles, approx. 2hrs each).  

Summer 2019 Syllabus, Dates & TImes are:

#1- September 21st: Bone Woman’s Howl: Wyld Bone Collecting


#2 - May 28th: The Psychic Desert Wyld Hunt


#3 - June 4th: Wyld Prayers Bundle - Honoring Sacred Balance


#4 - June 11th: The Wyld Baba Yaga & an Initiation of Our Wyld Intuition


#5 - June 25th: Our Nine Wyld Tasks


#6 - July 2nd: The ConJoining of Our Wyldness & UnWyldness


#7 - July 9th: Skeleton Woman’s Wyld Wisdom


#8 - July 16th: The Wyld Soul’s Gifts


#9 - July 30th: Wyld Soul Naming Ritual Journey & Returning Whole/Home Wyld Soul Celebration

Location: Our private home retreat's healing ritual room.  Limited space provides our circle with an intimate & sacred space for safely exploring these journeys into our Wylderness Within.


**NOTE: This training is only offered in the waxing half of the year.


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