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Storms, Visions & New Life

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Roses gathered from our garden, used in cooking, herbal blends & amulets made in honor of the Divine Feminine found in Nature.  The Hold Blessed Mother is usually depicted with roses surrounding her as she offers blessings.  Roses are a  symbol of love, beauty & peace.
Rose petal harvest May 2019

The growing seasons are full of storms. The rains & winds bring clarity, chasing away the stagnation of the previous season. In my meditations, visions break through the clouded, confused thoughts of my troubled mind.

I intermittently study brain physiology, its chemistry and how our brains operate. I have looked at the brain's neurons & how they function. It is fascinating how similar to a lightning storm the neurons in our brains appear as they function.

Cognitive dissonance reigns in our reality today. From the perspective of an artist, a woman, a person who has experienced life as a journey of discovery, inspiration, & wonder, it remains a mystery to me why people think the way they do. Sometimes it is a mystery to me why I think the way I do. I understand psychology and its principles. I have striven to learn about how people's mental states are affecting their choices and actions.

This understanding dawned in my teen years as I learned graphic design from a former "Mad Men" of the advertising business in the 1960s & 1970s. He had retired from advertising and turned to teach those of us who were preparing for the workforce out of high school, instead of racking up school loans. A practical choice for me, as I needed to keep working to help support the rest of my family. Even then I was thinking differently than most of my fellow students.

In my efforts to understand myself and how I think, act, and operate in the world, I have been drawn to the study of sacred texts from all over the globe. I draw inspiration from the wisdom of the Ancestors who are speaking through these sacred writings. This study of linguistics has supplemented my studies of art, from the ancient artists with their elegant cave drawings to the golden age of illustration to contemporary graffiti art, image-making speaks without words, telling a story that is universally relatable to each person who views its symbols, colors, shapes & designs.

I have learned about how other cultures think and interact with their worlds by observing their art, mythos & how they relate with nature. I do this because it helps me to gain insight into my own creative process. Knowing how I understand the world is a powerful key. It provides a clue as to the process required to change my mind and my life with the power of my will. When it is in alignment with my wholeness and my connection with Divinity, I can be transformed in the blink of an eye. Anyone can do the same.

During this dark-into-new moon's passage, I have been focusing my energies on clearing, cleansing, and breaking through to new states of comprehension, of being. States that are more appropriately aligned with my core truths, my wholeness, and my primal power. As I sift through my thoughts & feelings, I am made keenly aware of where I am not in alignment. The current negativity that is churning to the surface is toxic. I find self-negation hiding under every idea or secretly steering every decision where doubt rears its ugly head.

In my ritual under the night's star-ridden skies, I can sense the Divine Feminine in the form of the Blessed Mother. Her sweet presence is gently guiding me through this dark passage, and into the light, once again. Her compassionate heart, reaching across the centuries, to gently touch mine, soothing the raw vulnerability of my tender heart and the ravaged fabric of my soul.

I sense the cold steel of Her blade, the 'Sword of New Life', metaphorically cauterizing bloody lacerations and I offer my paralyzing confusion as a sacred gift. Cutting through, cutting loose what is decaying within me to make room for the planting of new life. A new life of empowering creativity and enriching explorations burgeoning just under the surface, pushing through the soil of my soul's garden with each sacred action I take on my path forward. This is the purpose of this new moon's ceremony where She comes to meet me at the Crossroads again. This time in her form as the Blessed Mother, wielding her 'Sword of New Life' with a power that comes from millennia of experienced use.

Relinquishing those self-defeating beliefs and habits are a part of what is causing me to be super-sensitized on all levels of my being at this gate. Purging in alignment with the celestial energies, magnified by my ritualized intentions for realigning my life is creating this wonderful, terrifying, exhilarating, exhausting, revitalizing new beginning from the ashes of what once was, again.

As you may have guessed, I am no stranger to these matters. With the recognition of repeated patterns of misalignment, I have called upon the whole of my spiritual guidance including my Ancestral lineage to provide a complete clearing of the twisted, knotted, inharmonious resonances in the vibration of my DNA. On top of that challenge, the mass consciousness/cosmos I am tuned into is compounding the personal, connecting it with the transpersonal. Hence the intensity of this transformational opportunity.

It has been so intense that I took a 3-hour nap in the afternoon of the darkening moon. A rare occurrence in my daily routine. It was refreshing. I feel clearer and more focused today. I appreciate, deeply, the compassionate assistance and powerful magic that has been consistent in my experiences as I continue to explore the sacred mysteries of creativity with the Blessed Holy Mother.

It is done for fulfilling my intention of actively co-creating a healthier, more enlightened and empowered life with the pure love of the Blessed Mother's wisdom and guidance as I shift away from old, broken paradigms, breaking through to new levels of creativity, on Purpose and in alignment with Divinity for the greatest good of All-That-Is on this precious planet we call home.


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