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Journeys into the Wild Mystery

The hour of the new moon’s gathering stretched before me.  As I moved through my day, I felt a fine-tuning of my focus for the evening’s journey.  I am keenly aware of my shifting state of consciousness, even as I cleaned, cooked, organized and dressed for the evening.

Throughout my day, I take time to be with nature.  This practice, above all else, has served as my inner compass, keeping me on track with my life and soul’s heading.  The wild part of my soul calls me to become one with nature again and is the inspiration for this night’s exploration.

An increasing intensity of the ritual energies, accumulated from my many years of practice, has forced me to be acutely sensitive to every detail.  From my dreams in the preceding nights to the outstanding little daily occurrences that catch my attention, I am in a hyper state of noticing, observing the unfolding of the Mystery that is my life.  Tonight is another opportunity to refine my perceptions, to fine-tune my sense of innate timing, to dance with the universal life energies singing through my blood, my bones, and the universe.

Scientific research is reaffirming the inspiration that comes from our connection with nature and proves that it is more powerful than we imagine.  Creative breakthroughs are my favorite, along with an increase in one’s cognitive abilities, making us more intelligent, more inspired, more open to the possibilities for miracles to show up in daily life.

I am constantly engaged in the process of shifting my perspective.  This comes from being a working artist.  I know the rewards of seeing life from as many angles as are possible.  I always gain a fuller understanding of the subject of my interest.  Currently, it happens to be the gathering of souls who are seeking something more, something of the wild wisdom within us.

One of the many reasons I have dedicated the past 30-odd years of my adult life to being who I am… an artist, an explorer, a spiritual human-being striving to understand my world and my experience in it… is to ultimately grow and evolve, as all of nature does. Another is to return to our ancient roots and the wild wisdom that waits there for us to rediscover its presence within our lives.

I possess an intuitive gift for ‘reading energies’. It’s another reason I am called to share ritual.  My intuition enriches my life and the lives of those who interact with me if the messages are listened to with openness.  Over the years my intuition has expanded and grown, maturing into a reliable resource for recognizing what’s not apparent to most others.  This is accomplished through my constant attention on its existence within me, just as I am aware of the presence of nature all around me.  My intuitive sense is what keeps tonight’s sacred ritual container building in intensity as the journeyers arrive for our adventure at this new moon gate.

Afterward, I am feeling euphoric and fulfilled.  This lasts well into the next 2 days.  I am attuned to the information that follows the practices of ecstatic trance from our ancestral rituals. I am aware of a wild need within that has been satisfied and of the possibilities opening up before me because I have nurtured this wild part of my soul.  I have become a bridge actively connecting the ancient wisdom of our ancestors with a contemporary life path for transforming my life.

Many wise ones have shown us that we learn from our past.  There is a purpose for these ancient practices to be aligned with nature’s rhythms.  We are an inseparable part of our wild little blue planet, just as it is a part of us.  We are nourished, clothed and housed by all that comes from the earth.  As we learn experientially, we grow in wisdom, maturing, evolving along with the natural world.

I have been blessed with meaningful and powerful experiences from my participation in these ancient and sacred practices exploring our inner realms.  Each journey a co-creation of transformation that is outside of the realm of organized religion…older and deeper than any dogma.  The results of which continue to unfold, as does the synchronicity that follows a journey of this nature.

All that I am is becoming more than I could be before the experience of my wild ritual journey.  This is magnified by others who joined in our journey.  Each one’s sharing of their experience has enriched all of us.  We are all connected, magnified and expanded as we have Awakened our Wild Souls together.  And I am deeply grateful.

(Header Art – Original Alcohol Ink Art by C.Shepard 2016)


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