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Harvest Blessings

To all who made the Mystic South Conference possible,

It is with sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for everything that was accomplished to co-create and carry out this feat of magic.  I was a participant on Saturday and a presenter on Sunday morning.

We arrived late on Friday to a full hotel and many exciting possibilities.  After a long, full day of interesting presentations in an increasingly sweat lodge-like purification on Saturday, my own ritual energies were set in place.  I felt ready for the new moon presentation on ritual body poses, their history, background and the various benefits from utilizing them properly.

Back in January, when I applied for a presenter’s position, the Great Bear’s Healing posture was the energy that would not be denied.  I thought it a strange choice, since the end of July would be better suited to something more in alignment with the energies of water, gardening, or harvesting.

Now I see, with exceptional clarity, why the Great Bear’s healing gift was the perfect fit at the perfect time.  Despite my initial nervousness, I was privileged and honored to guide and witness the healing process of several of my presentation’s participants.  Noticing their deepening understanding with the dawning of fresh realizations, as they took on new meaning, I was able to offer them an effective spiritual tool that is practical in our modern lives, while maintaining the integrity of these ancient gifts.  They received a key for opening the doors of the inner realms with intention and on purpose.

In conclusion, I wish to thank all of the Mystic South teams, the hotel staff, the gathering itself, it’s attendees, the Ancestors of these southern lands and the spirits who helped to produce such a powerful and impossible event.  It was a transforming experience and those who took part, no matter how seemingly insignificant the role, contributed to the thaumaturgy.  I continue to reap the blessings as I celebrate the harvest season and its many treasures.

(Original Artwork by CShepard c.2017



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