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From the Mystery

I AM From the Mystery… By Cat Shepard – March 2020

Sacred messages from the Uni-Verse Riding on the winds of Change I AM Searching for the Ecstasy underneath it all Challenged to fully comprehend the wild-wisdom As the ruins of my past are put to their final rest I AM diving into my wild soul’s Depths Swimming towards the silence Rediscovering the truths of my inner realms Illuminating the treasures hidden there Exploring freedom, enlightenment & empowerment Because of the transformation of my bittersweet Sorrows I AM embracing the embodiment of my Divine Creativity Collaborating with the Muses As I travel forward My Artistic expressions of pure Love are created From the naked soul-sharing of my life’s journey Summoning joys from the Magic of the Mysteries Secrets revealed, that I didn’t remember I knew Sacred energies aligned Healing is Presence, sacred and true I AM Embodying divine alignment With nature’s Wild Powers As Divine Purpose is etched into my skin I AM Re-Membering my Whole Self. Fully prepared for what’s next on this My wyldest of adventures Centered, Rooted & Connected From within the medicine of the Seven Sacred Directions I AM


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