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Fire-gazing, Creativity & Soul Alchemy

Fire-gazing inspires my creativity, deepening my attention as I am mesmerized by the flames dancing with life. It pulls me out-of-doors and restores a sense of vitality and vigor.  The welcoming warmth penetrates my bones in the transitional time between winter and spring.

Fire has been a part of human life for much longer than we have written records.  Our stone-age ancestors drew on the walls of caves, by the light of a fire.  Using the charcoal from past fires and specially gathered mineral ochres, (some of which were burned specifically to change their color to red), they created fantastic images that only hint at the stories of their lives.  I can imagine the drama of the telling as the shadows danced on the walls, bringing the images to life.

Fires and their ashes have been deemed sacred for as long as humans have been making them.  Fire calls us to gather around it and share the warmth.  When wildfires sweep through the lands, we are seeing evidence of this powerful elemental force’s ability to change the landscape and the environment.

Fire transforms with a purifying result.  Wood fires are an alchemical demonstration of the elements at play…combining, combusting and consuming, purging and clearing the way forward.  It is the only element that burns away all the dross, leaving simply the purest, finest of materials in its wake.

Ashes.  The remnants of fire.  Ashes added to the compost pile or garden soil enriches the earth beneath us.  Ashes used for making soap.  Ashes for cleaning and pest control. Ashes, ashes, ashes!  From the dust of our ancestors, long-buried in the ground, and food for the roots of the very trees that is our firewood.  Ashes are still gathered and used for nurturing life, reminding us of the wisdom of Nature.

I focus on all of this, and more, as I use fire in my life with Intention.  Out of the practices of my ancestors, I find inspiration for harnessing the powers of Fire in old and new ways.  Ritual lighting of candles for my creative journeys offers one way to connect with the element aligned with actions.

As I watch the flames dance, I am motivated to move, to take action on those things that call for completion.  Taking action ignites a series of events that build momentum and leads to accomplishment, to realization.  The unfolding of which leads to many possibilities and opportunities for more action, more movement, more creativity.

My inner fires are stoked from meditating on Fire.  The connections revealed in my musings awaken a vision of the creative adventures that await.  I feel the impetus taking effect already.  In the act of writing of this post, I realize that verbs are the fire-aligned words in our language.  Fire in communication.

Observing Fire illuminates my soul, rekindling my passion to express my art, my self.  It sets me ablaze again, after a long, solitary winter.  The warmth begins to soften the tensions,  relaxing my entire being.

I am open to the magic of the fire, its flames licking higher and higher, as it consumes all of the fuel, and burns down to a bed of flickering embers.  It is pure magic, soul alchemy, and a deep pleasure to be in front of a roaring fire with friends again.


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