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Dark Moons & New Thoughts

clarity.  confidence.  courage.

dancing with the dark moon’s

King of the Cosmic Dance

on fire, clearing the way

strengthened through the fire

toughening and tempering the metal,

slicing through the confusion.

sharpen the steel blade of the mind

hone the edge for precision,

in the surgery of removal

the strangling strands of thought

freeing the mind

to think new thoughts.

…new thoughts of freedom and peace,

shared resources

for all to partake, equitably


shifting paradigms.

clever writing and a shiny turn of phrase

confusing dull minds

with visions of grandeur.

hypnotic trance states of seduction,

luring the “tired, the poor, the huddled masses”.

to live a life of quiet desperation

is better than not living at all…

challenge pushes us to

adapt or die.

how do we choose?

and why…

why do we choose

what we do?

free will.  free choice.

illusions.  delusions.

not anymore…

dangerous minds, leading it all.

down the drain, into the sewer.

uncompromising positions held too dear

keeping us tethered to the past,

the corruption

creating more damage than good.

as the winds of change are blowing hard…

and the biggest Blow Hard of All

lives in the White-est House now

Chaos and Havoc reign over the lands.

will we “WOKE” to the Hate and Lies,

before it’s too late?

or will we choose

to think

new thoughts…

of growth, inclusion, and celebration among diversity…

of evolution?

for our species to survive,

and to thrive,


on this little blue planet,

we call home?

Poetic wyrd-spell by C.Shepard.2018.

(Original art by CShepard. Prints are for sale and can be found at & )

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