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At the CrossRoads of Autumn & Winter


She has mysterious origins. According to scholars, She has different origins than that of the archetypal Grecian gods’ mythological pantheon.  She is older than the deities of Mount Olympus.  Older even, then those of the Titan lineage, She is a chthonic earth goddess who is omnipresent and omnipotent. She is strange, weird, different, scary, and enduring.

Her magic extends into the ancient realms and reaches forward into the realms of the future.  She is a bridge and when She stands at the CrossRoads, she is a LIMINAL Goddess.  She reigns over the places in between places, the times out of time, and the sacred mysteries of magic & creativity.

She stands guard at those places where we make life-changing choices.  She is the Holder of Torches and the Keeper of the Keys. She opens the way forward, or not.  According to what is most appropriate for the moment in-between moments when a choice is set in motion.

As a death goddess, She eliminates indecision, indecisiveness, hesitation, doubt, and vacillation.  She ensures safe passage to those who acknowledge magic and Mystery’s existence. She brings Her devouring powers to bear on the shadow aspects that are destructive illusions at their core.

She is the Queen of the Witches, recognized at the Delphi Oracle temple.  She teaches us about sorcery from within our depths. She shows us who we are when we are aligned with the sacred mysteries, illuminating the secrets of nature and its cycles of evolution.  

She is the Mistress of Poisons, who teaches us about the Darkness and the healing possibilities hidden within the shadows.  She shines a light of clear understanding on those who work with Her mysteries.  She is a powerful ally and a dangerous foe.

She contains the Power of words-Wyrrds, the spell-magics that create worlds.  Her gifts are as multitudinous as the stars in the night sky where She reigns.  Her titles are many, representing Her unlimited powers.

During the month of October, I am more directly connected with Hecate’s energies, gifts, and lessons than at any other time of the year.  This month’s full moon brought Her Presence into full force as I prepared for Her ritual circle at the end of October.

I am keenly aware of Her triple-aspect as Maiden/Mother/Crone-Wise-Woman at this Turning.  I am sensing a deeply layered, multi-dimensional energy within my understanding of Her gifts.

I have worked with Hecate for as long as I can remember.  At first, She showed up in the exploration of my childhood’s reading choices in stories as the Old Witch, scaring children and adults, alike.  Now, She appears as a shape-shifting Goddess of Mysteries, Witches, and the Night.  

Her gifts are many and they are ancient. Her powers stretch across cultures and time, keeping Her alive through the centuries.  No small feat in our fast-paced world today.

Her Ancient Magics have only increased in power.  Today we can find evidence of Her endurance easily.  A Google search is proof of this with pages of references for researching, exploring, and ritual-making.  

Tonight we are focusing on Hecate-at-the-CrossRoads.  This incarnation of Hecate reveals Her powers of illumination, guidance, wisdom, power, insight, and magic.  She stands at the CrossRoads of our Lives, shining Her light on the converging paths before us. Her silent presence waiting patiently for our offering.

In this form as the Queen of Witches, as Opener of the Way Forward, Her silent powers of Sacred Witness show us what we most need to know, to prepare us for the transformation to come.  

She also is Keeper of the Keys of Magic & Mysteries. We innately understand the power of this opportunity for clarity and discernment as we gather the information She reveals to us in our Journey this evening.  We are forever changed by the experience of this sacred feminine expression of the Divine.  ❤


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