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Ancient Whispers

A human being’s power center in is our core, that place deep inside, where the connection to the creative force of the universe dwells.  It’s encoded in our DNA.  Ancient whispers in our blood and bones.  Whispers that speak of ties with the moon, planets, and stars.  Forces that control the ocean’s tides and powers of nature.  These are the whispers that bind us to each other and with the creative forces of the Web of Life.  They pull us from our sleep-trances, no matter who we are.  The whispers are there, calling us to awaken and remember.

If we listen closely, we will awaken to the mystery and strength that lives within us all.  We will experience the power that is the Creative Consciousness.  We will discover our own power of creativity.  These inner forces are slumbering, lying still and silent, waiting to be called upon.

At the moment of our awakening, we may discover that it is time to burst forth from the tightly bound, painful restriction of our self-imposed prison.  Liberation becomes a necessity for our sanity, and our soul to remain intact.  It becomes more painful to remain sleeping than it is to allow the whispering change of consciousness to free us.  Activating and opening ourselves to the possibilities of Life becomes more important than the dream we left behind.

Within our bodies lies the ability to create, to heal, to know.  The deeper we explore our inner realms, the more power we have to explore our outer realms, the more we discover about ourselves and our choices.  As we awaken to the mysteries within, we link our healing with others, with the earth and the cosmos.  Echoes of our arousal reverberate throughout our earth-walk, effecting transformations that are felt for generations.

One person does make a difference.  By choosing to be fully present, to heal, to walk through the inner fires of purification, we arrive on the other side of our darkness, stronger, with a knowing of our wholeness that stays with us for the rest of our time on earth.  We recognize that wholeness is a state of consciousness that comes from within.  Outside circumstances are no longer able to push us to our extremes.  As we weather the storms of our lives, we are able to remain rooted in a sense of stillness from our core, that resonates throughout all of our states of being.

Our wholeness, our physical body, feelings, thoughts, and spiritual nature, embraces life in a new way, prepared for the constant cycle of change that is the web of existence.  We become willing to face them head-on because remaining stuck in the old, reactionary ways is too exhausting.  No longer can we deny our truth, while lying to ourselves becomes a constant draining of the precious energy we contain.

By plunging into the adventure of life, riding the waves with joy as our companion, we free ourselves to delight in the exhilarating ride.  In the act of embracing our whole selves, the world responds with open doors to undreamed-of possibilities.  Trusting in the ancient whispers of inner wisdom and choosing to create a life of realization are two profoundly gratifying results of leaving the sleep-trance of Mundania and entering the magic of the Mystery.

(Original Alcohol Ink Painting by CShepard 2017 –


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