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Pinterest & the Gifts of Inspiration

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Tools for artists are fascinating to me. Especially with technology becoming more and more of a portal of opportunity for exploring...everything and anything. One way I cheerfully use the inter-webs is to ignite a spark of activity during my driest creative spells. I find February to be the most challenging to my artistic path's forward momentum. Out of all the months of the year, this is the one where i can get derailed the fastest. It's where I know I lose interest in the making of my art, due to the overwhelming amount of business details that seem to show up at this time of year. Everything from budgets to taxes to inventories all take their toll on my right brain's need for original expression.

When Pinterest came into my life, I was amazed at the inspiration and variety and sheer volume of possibilities, The richness of such a resource was a miracle to my parched and starving artist's soul and eyes. I began collecting my virtual record of inspirational research. Each addition, a stunning bit of visual encouragement and motivation for when I needed it most. For all those times when I toiled to find a tiny spark of that precious Aha! moment, when I conceive of my next project out of the void of my visionary well.

It's become a cherished part of my creative process now. I am careful to invest time wisely as I search for much-needed inspirational prompts. I delve into the world of Pinterest only during those times when I feel devoid of any motivation or when I am researching something specific. Otherwise, one can get lost for days, weeks, months, even...wandering in the vastness of the Pinterest world.

You can find my Pinterest profile and collections here...


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