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Seven Sacred Swords

Seven Journeys Honoring the Heart-Healing Mysteries of the Holy Blessed Mother Mary


Dear Sacred Soul,

Welcome to...The Holy Blessed Mother Mary’s Seven Sacred Swords for Heart-Healing: A journey for exploring the sacred heart mysteries of the Holy Blessed Mother Mary! This is a powerful series of sacred ritualized circle journeys incorporating over 30 years of experience exploring my creative expression, embodied journey-work, ritual arts & experiential practices such as ecstatic trance forms. 


Mystery tradition practices of the East & West are combined with ancient technology & modern techniques for altering states of consciousness safely & naturally using ecstatic trance form, along with a variety of embodied practices & creative tools to provide life-long skills, knowledge, & wisdom. 


In this course, we are building a solid foundation for integrating an empowering initiatory awakening of one's personal life force energies into a more aware and conscious state of being.  The hidden meanings behind the stories,  myths, lore & mysteries of the Holy Blessed Mother Mary’s life & teachings are explored for realizing transformative change, understanding sacrifice & infusing inspired actions into our daily lives. 


We begin working with grounding practices to keep us centered in our rootedness as we move into our first mystery.  Step by step, we reach the final step of this evolutionary journey with the activation of our own Sacred Heart-Healing center.  Our final ritual is a Rite of Passage initiation & celebration for our completed alignment with the seven sacred swords from the Blessed Mother’s Sacred Heart.


Learn to be safely grounded in practical reality while going through a transformational process, experiencing massive growth & change along the way. Throughout the curriculum, we learn how to connect personally with each of the Swords’ mysteries, gifts, tools & lessons revealing what they have to offer us.  The steps of this journey are concluded with a ceremony to recognize, honor & integrate the shifts this work has created in our contemporary lives. 


This process results in a realization of an optimal state of being, our higher creative powers are revealed while gently & profoundly activated. This expands our consciousness, allowing for an inner blessing & increases our inner light.  This results in a strengthening of our body's 5 layers of biomechanical systems (earth=body, water=emotions, fire=energy, air=breath, spirit-soul=Divinity)...while offering a sense of wholeness and providing a deeper sense of purpose in our life and the world. 


The series of seven circles is completed with a beautiful celebration of this rite of passage - A Ceremony of the Sacred Healing Heart - honoring our journey of awakening, initiation & alignment as we have completed it & are integrating the practices into our daily lives. 


With pure love, wild magic & powerful wisdom from the creative mysteries,


Total Investment: $462-PREPAID by Sept.10th for the entire series of seven portals - OR -

Investment for each circle: $69 EA.

This is a limited-time offer.  The price will increase in the future as this series evolves & transforms.

The seven swords themes, dates & times are listed below…

Virtual Platform = SKYPE - You must have a Skype account to participate in this virtual ritual series.

Sunday, September 18th - 1 PM-3 PM ~ Sword of Sacrifice - to bear this journey of lessons

Sunday, September 25th - 1 PM-3 PM ~ Sword of Illusions - to reveal the secrets of this time

Sunday, October 2nd - 1 PM-3 PM ~ Sword of Medicine - to release suffering & torment

Sunday, October 9th - 1 PM-3 PM ~ Sword of Renewal - to eviscerate, purge & cultivate life in new ways

Sunday, October 16th - 1 PM-3 PM ~ Sword of Lionheartedness - to voice inner truth, move forward confidently & serve one’s community

Sunday, October 23rd - 1 PM-3 PM ~ Sword of Creativity - to ignite, inspire & clearly light the way forward

Sunday, October 30th - 1 PM-3 PM ~ Sword of Sacred Love Light - turns us away from battles to embrace Divine Healing Forces

Inspired by “Untie the Strong Woman” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. 

Chapter 7 - Blessed Mother Mary’s Seven Swords Through the Sacred Heart

“Definition of Strength: Pierced but Fierce”

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