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Cat Shepard's Sacred Arts Priestess Bio:

Cat explores the creative mysteries with Art, Mythos & Nature as her guides. Her Art honors our wild earth, our ancestral mythos & the earth’s mystery traditions for awakening our souls to our greatest creative possibilities.


One of the most important discoveries made on her creative path is the possibility for personal growth & self-mastery through the practice of the creative arts.  Art & Ritual, when used with respect & integrity, are powerful gifts & tools for living a fulfilling & enriching life.


Cat’s own creative breakthrough came as she began to combine her art practices with her meditative practices to heal from the traumas of her past.  The results of which were more quickly integrated with the transformative power of ritual. The breakthrough came in the form of understanding that art has the possibility of becoming a healing force for our selves & the world around us.  Creativity, in any form, has the power to touch us on an inner realm, shaping & reshaping our experience in lasting ways.  


As a Priestess of the Sacred Arts, she realizes these lesser-known sacred arts tend to be treated in isolation from one another. By combining the appropriate practices & creative expression, we recognize they form a community of practices that mutually support & connect one another.  These are a collection of arts & practices anyone who applies themselves can learn, just as we learn to read, write & count, or learn how to paint & draw. In fact, they are a natural part of being human!

They are:

Earth Honoring Practices & Healthy Relationships

Invocations, Blessings, Prayer & Meditations

Sacred Spaces

Rites of Passage, Rituals & Ceremonies

Lunar & Solar Rhythms & Astrological Influences 

Intuition, Dreaming & Divination

Magic, Spellcraft & Alchemy

Initiations & Unwindings

Cleansing, Reiki Healing & Purification Rites

Ancestral Lineage, Birthright & Legacy


Cat’s scholarly & practical work in facilitating & instructing aims to piece together the fragments, clear away the sedimentation, and show how the Sacred Arts can be put to effective use for inner explorers & the creatively curious in the 21st century.  Her work is dedicated to introducing the life-changing power of the Sacred Arts to a mainstream modern world without compromising the integrity and excellence of those practices.

In her one-on-one consulting capacity for individuals, in her writing, consults, & circles with & through the Sacred Arts, Cat is proof of the adage “give a person a fish, and it will last for a day; teach a person how to fish, and there will be fish for a lifetime.”   She does not offer a dogma, a silver-bullet solution or a rationalistic system falsely promising amazing transformation in ten easy steps – or a simple formula. Magic only works if we practice it. Her practice is built upon a strong foundation of respect for:

1. The self-knowledge, creative & expansive abilities of the people whom she counsels & instructs.

2. The timeless wisdom of the world’s mystery traditions & philosophical principles & practices.

3. The contributions of the sciences & psychology for a foundational understanding of the human operating system.

4. The hidden & unseen mystery traditions of magic, divination, experiential practices & storytelling.


There are many ways people can work with Cat. She teaches a year-long introductory class on Sacred Arts of Creativity called Earth Wisdom.  For those interested in developing self-mastery, Cat offers a series of powerful programs for embracing wholeness & developing our potentials called Into the Depths, Wyld Soul Within & Changing One.  Cat also offers an immersive mentor training known as Soul Alchemystery. For those who desire in-depth one-on-one work, or who would like a more customized learning experience with the Sacred Arts, Cat offers one-on-one opportunities in a consulting capacity for individuals interested in exploring the Sacred Arts.


Cat comes from a diverse lineage of mixed European heritage– from her maternal line, she inherited her Sicilian passion & Slavic blood.  From her fraternal lineage, she has Scotch-Irish-Welsh & Germanic roots – all of which have informed her own direct experience with the remnants of fragmented folklore, magic and storytelling traditions. She lives outside of Asheville, NC with her husband and magical cat Fortuna. 


Besides creating art & sharing deep conversations that make her wonder, she is inspired by spending cherished time with her beloveds, and sweet celebrations with her family & friends.  She finds that walking in silence, dancing under the open skies by a fire, & powerful truths spoken in sacred space are some of the best things in life.