Reiki Attunements

& Healing Sessions

Synergystic Reiki is a system for channeling the Universal Life Force for healing & transformation. As a Reiki Master-Guide, I open my intuition, heart, and soul to the Universal  Life-force energies as a guide and assist others with the flow and focus of the Universal Life Force.


Each attunement intensive covers history, techniques, and practices, activated with a guided meditation & experiential techniques.  This process is charged under a 5' copper pyramid altar.


Channeling this healing energy in a focused, centered and stable way allows us to integrate the beneficial effects in our daily lives with ease and confidence. Results of using these techniques are for a more gratifying and sustainable lifestyle with a solid foundation of practical uses and applications for a wide variety of purposes.


To schedule your own attunement, private healing session or host a group attunement please contact me here...