Each glass vial of ritual salts arrives in an organza gift pouch and is ceremonially sealed with sealing wax and a wax stamp symbolic of the energies inside. Carry the talisman with you or keep it in a place where there is a desire for protection, peace, harmony, and pure love.  Its energies are set to maintain these intentions for as long as the keeper's soul wills it so.


My latest batch of this ritual herbal salt blend was created on the dark moon in Sagittarius (fire & spiritual truths).  I chose to work with the following ingredients:

  • Sea Salt - purifying, cleasing, healing, alignment with lunar tides and emotions
  • Fennel Leaves & Seeds - protection, longevity, vitality and strengthens 
  • Wormwood - banishes negativity, transforms anger into creativity intuition, inner peace


My hope and intentions are for anyone to confidently, safely and effectively use our sacred salt blends in their own unique ways of manifesting their intentions with pure love as our guide to realizing meaningful and empowering outcomes.  Wishing you well on your path forward, with gratitude for your interest and engagement with these offerings!

Peace Talisman