Kundalini Rising!

Blessings on this dark moon. We were bor

An Experiential Training Course for Conscious Activation of our Creative Life Force – A series of 8 experiential circles exploring the mysteries and wisdom of our body’s energetic system.  


Explore the system of energetic portals (Sanskrit name; chakras) from the root to the crown for wielding our power from within and the manifestation of our dreams in the world.  Based on a unique combination of studies from Kundalini Yoga practices, neuroscience, art as medicine and experiential techniques.  


The sacred arts traditions explored are from far and wide… including ancient Celtic, European, Asian, & the Americas, to many of the world’s native indigenous peoples cultures.  They have taught the mysteries of our body’s energetic and electromagnetic fields and how they operate for thousands of years.  


Through the explorations of these prehistoric sacramental ceremonies, combined with the modern scientific and technical knowledge that is available to us with the advent of the internet, this course of study provides information, knowledge, clues, and tools for living a vital and vibrant life in harmony with nature.

Proposed Dates for Autumn 2019 Kundalini Rising! Activations Series:

Root Portal - Initiation Journey & Activation Ritual

Sacral Portal - Initiation Journey & Activation Ritual

Solar Portal - Initiation Journey & Activation Ritual

Heart Portal - Initiation Journey & Activation Ritual

Throat Portal - Initiation Journey & Activation Ritual

Third Eye Portal - Initiation Journey & Activation Ritual

Crown Portal - Initiation Journey & Activation Ritual

Fee: $1500, includes light refreshments, art supplies, hand-outs & more for all 7 Initiation Journeys & Activation Rituals

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(Original Art by Cat Shepard)