Epona, The Irish Horse Goddess's Posture

By exploring this journey, we learn ancient ritual tools & safe, drug-free experiential techniques along with some of the myths, legends & folklore of Horses in our world cultures & in human consciousness.


Recognized in many traditions around the world & known by many names, this archetypal resonance is an ancient symbol of fertility, strength, prosperity, elegance, freedom, and power. The myths of the Celtic goddess Epona also connect us with the Underworld Mysteries of Death and Rebirth.


We are remembering ancient universal KEYS to accessing altered states of consciousness,  Each of the tools shared is safe, drug-free experiential techniques.  We are exploring the creative mysteries of Epona's journey along with some of the myths, legends & folklore of this sacred goddess and Horse symbolism in our world cultures & in human consciousness during our ritual experience.

Epona's influence stretched across Europe from the British Isles to the Romans & into eastern European regions such as Austria & Germany, offerings were given in exchange for the many gifts and blessings of Epona's favor.


Here is a wonderful site for researching Epona..."Evidence for Epona"...

Epona.net  http://www.epona.net/introduction.html


The season's magic unfolds before us and we prepare to welcome Epona's blessings into our lives as a symbol of abundance, a sign of strength, elegance, and freedom. Horse teaches us about our emotional natures, as well.


Look at the link below to see how science helps us to understand our human emotions through a connection with horses.



(Shared with gratitude for Macha Treadway's original share with me.)