extends an invitation to explore the mysteries of creativity together, listen deeply to the ancient echoes of wild wisdom within & discover how to find a dynamically balanced harmony with art, nature & ritual as our Muses.

My art is rich in symbolism, mystery & sacred intention.  During its creation, each work of art is ritually infused with deeper meanings, speaking to our soul connections within our imaginations, awakening our inner realms of creativity and curiosity. 

The purpose & intention for my art & life is to explore the Creative Mysteries with art, myth & nature for living in balanced harmony, evolving with wild wisdom, & for transforming our worlds together.

This is the realm of CShepardArts...


Welcome to a mysterious & intriguing world of art & arcanum! 

Open a portal to a mystical, enchanting & sacred place & discover creative possibilities to explore & experience.  


 While working, I am conscious of Universal symbolism & inspired by Mystery, I am deepening the search for the commonalities that connect us all in art & life with all that I do. Using the language of symbolism, tuning into the power of nature, along with the transformative power of ritual is imbued into all my artistic explorations enriching the process of my creative expression.   I recognize that these are the creative mysteries working on, through & with us to help us transform our souls & our world.  When combined with nature's healing forces, my works of art, catalyst-creativity consultations. & my ritual arts instructional courses have the potential to ignite changes, reawaken forgotten truths, & reconnect our souls with Nature.

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photo by m. treadway 2018

A passion for the creative adventure with joyful enthusiasm, engaging life with art, mystery, & ritual.

Custom Ritual Arts Commissions

Winter Salt & Herbal Blend
Blessing Bundles
Celtic Mysteries
Wedding Art Commission
Altar to  Creativity
Ritual Salt Blends

It is my great pleasure & an honor to offer opportunities for creating powerful integrations for conscious enlightenment & restoring harmony, health & beauty on this precious little blue planet we call Home.

In our Ritual Arts Instruction, we combine ancient wisdom, embodied rituals & cutting-edge scientific knowledge with our primal instincts for achieving a healthy dynamic balance with Nature & in our lives.

photo by kim holden 2018


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