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Creativity Rising!

An Experiential Training for Consciously Raising our Creative Life Force


Dear Sacred Soul,


Welcome to...Creativity Rising!: An Experiential Training for Consciously Raising our Creative Life Force. This is a powerful series of sacred ritualized circles journeys that incorporates over 30 years of experience with my creative expression, embodied ritual journey-work, sacred arts & experiential practices such as ecstatic ritual body poses. 


Kundalini Yoga & sacred Tantric Yoga practices of the Eastern mystery traditions are combined with Western mysteries ecstatic trance forms & a variety of embodied spiritual practices with creative tools to provide skills, self-knowledge & profound wisdom for a lifetime. 


In this series, we build a solid foundation for integrating a potently natural initiatory awakening of one's personal life force energies for realizing an expanded consciousness.


We begin working with practical grounding practices to keep us rooted in our daily lives as we move into our first portal.  Step by step, we reach the crest of this evolutionary journey with the organic activation of our crown center for a divinely attuned alignment through the seven energy portals within our body.


Learn how to maintain a safely grounded, centered & connected state of being in our modern life by experiencing a transformational process of massive growth & transformational change along the way. Throughout the curriculum, we learn how to connect personally with each energy portal's gifts, tools & lessons, consecutively & what they have to offer.  The steps of this journey are concluded with a ceremony to recognize, honor, and integrate the changes this work has created in our lives. 


This integrative process results in a realization of our expanded consciousness, while our higher creative powers are revealed & gently activated, while radiating confidence, along with a strengthening of our body's 5 layers of biomechanical systems (earth=body, water=emotions, fire=energy, air=breath, spirit-soul=Divinity)...for actualizing a sense of wholeness & providing a deeper sense purpose in our life & world. 


This series of 7 circles is scheduled to begin on September 22nd, 2022 & completed on November 3rd, 2022 with an amazing celebration of your rite of passage - A Ceremony of Crowning and Homecoming - honoring our journey of awakening & alignment as we have completed it and are integrating the practices into our daily lives. 

With pure love, wild magic & powerful wisdom from the creative mysteries,



ALL circle Times are from 7pm-9:30pm unless otherwise stated. 

These virtual rituals will be using SKYPE's video platform.  You must have a SKYPE account to join us.

2022’s proposed dates are...

Week 1 - Thursday, Sept. 22nd - Root Portal

Week 2 - Thursday, Sept. 29th - Sacral Portal

Week 3 - Thursday, Oct. 6tht - Solar Portal

Week 4 - Thursday, Oct. 13th - Heart Portal

Week 5 - Thursday, Oct. 20th - Throat Portal

Week 6 - Thursday, Oct. 27th - Third Eye Portal

Week 7 - Thursday, Nov. 3rd FROM 7PM - 10PM - Crown Portal’s Crowning Alignment Rite of Passage Ritual Celebration!!!  

Total Investment; $777 Prepaid in full by Sept. 10th, for the entire series of 7 portals - OR Invest $127 EA. ritual to be paid in full the day before the ritual begins

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