Into the Depths




9 Weeks

About the Course

Embracing our Inner Dark Goddess-Feminine Shadow - Experiential journey-workings for transforming our relationship with our ShadowSelves through the archetypes and cycles of the Divine Feminine in the form of the Dark Goddesses.

Your Instructor

Cat Shepard

Cat Shepard

Hello, I'm Cat! Education has always been an important part of my life & my creative expression. In my research & experiences, I have been fortunate to have found specific "keys" for opening inner doorways leading us to possibilities for expanding our consciousness, developing inspired, innovative ideas and applying our creativity. These "keys" are universal to humanity and have been around for approximately 35,000 years.

I am naturally attracted to the mysterious. In my studies, I have persistently found secrets hidden in the ancient arts, mystical & indigenous wisdom teachings, world mythologies & nature. Secrets that unveil transmutational revelations.