Into the Depths:

Embracing our Inner Shadow's Divine Dark Goddess Powers

Powerful. Effective. Transformative.

Into the Depths - Reclaiming our Divine Feminine Shadow Wisdom; A Healing Rite of Passage for Women of all Ages

 - A series of 9 circles centered on Women's Sacred Mysteries, studying the archetypal energies of the Dark through the myths of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone's Cycles of Life

Autumn-Winter 2018-2019

Women Only - Asheville, NC 

Circle Times: 7pm - 10pm

Investment: $495, includes basic art supplies, snacks & refreshments 


Email for Registration Info - 



Investment Details: $495 for all 9 circles or $55 each, payable before circle begins...

(Early Bird discount - $450 paid in full before August 31st)  

Intro - Sept. 7th, 7:30-8:30pm

First Circle - Monday, Sept. 10th, from 7pm - 10pm

Second Circle - Monday, Oct. 1st, from 7pm - 10pm

Third Circle - Monday, Oct. 22nd, from 7pm - 10pm

Fourth Circle - Monday, Nov. 12th, from 7pm - 10pm

Fifth Circle - Monday, Dec. 5th, from 7pm - 10pm

Sixth Circle - Monday, Dec. 17th, from 7pm - 10pm

Seventh Circle - Monday, Jan. 7th, from 7pm - 10pm

Eighth Circle - Monday, Jan. 28th, from 7pm - 10pm

Ninth & Final Circle - Monday, Feb. 11th, from 7pm - 10pm

Trance-Form-ations bloom using experiential techniques including -

  • Ecstatic Ritual Trance Postures

  • Sacred Journaling Practices

  • Visionary Art/Creative Practices

  • Ritual Sisterhood &

  • Divine Laughter!

Our Voyage begins with an introduction to the dark through a safe, natural trance-induced altered state of consciousness.  In this experience of explorations, a new perspective of the Dark & our Inner Shadow is created. 

As the journey unfolds, an understanding of our Shadow Soul with the archetypal energies of Maiden, Mother, & Crone initiates us into the Darkest Healing Powers of the Divine Feminine Mysteries.

A transformation is stirring and the process of reclaiming is forged.

Using the tools of the Sacred Arts, we are offered the opportunity to embrace the power and strength of the Dark Goddess inherent within our Souls.  

We complete this Rite of Passage with a Celebration of Ritual Consecration, acknowledging the Beauty and Power of Our Dark Goddess Souls.

Join us and receive your own sacred Gift of how your life changes as you realign with your Soul's Possibilities for Living on Purpose with Intention.

The wind howls

Through the leafless

Trees as you gaze out

The window.

The glow of the moon

Casts shadows across

The gray landscape.

The flickering fire in

The hearth reminds you

That you are safe and

Warm, but something

Calls to you.

It is not a sound you

Hear with your ears,

But a calling deep

From within your Being.

You feel a connection

With the bleakness of

The Winter.

The possibility of what

Is hidden beneath the

Shell of snow and ice.

   Written by Raven - Winter 2003

Embrace Your Sacred Shadow...