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Ancient Echoes University


About the University

At Ancient Echoes University, participants are empowered with new skills, insights & psycho-spiritual tools gained from each program attended to cultivate confidence, spiritual growth & creative evolution while applying these results effectively in their own lives.  


At the end of each course or semester, everyone is offered an opportunity to be fulfilled creatively with a completed creative project to keep, share and connect with the energy in the future and a Certificate of Completion from the University**. At the root of our work, planning and practice are guiding principles and provide a winning strategy for a future filled with rewarding, gratifying, and sustainable outcomes. 

In the process of consciously developing an engaging variety of creative intensives, in-depth courses of study, & sacred ritual circles, I've respectfully & carefully woven together universally recognized symbols, archetypes, and ritual that underline our human commonalities. These are found in traditional and contemporary forms of globally-sourced experiential & mystical practices, for actualizing an enriching, meaningful & fulfilling life.  This direction led me to investigate the scientific side with studies of the psychological, physiological & spiritual effects of mapping our inner landscapes using specialized techniques, leading to amazing creative breakthroughs & gratifying results.


To bring balance, practicality & playfulness into these powerful, effective, and meaningful creative trainings, I include scientific research; neuroscience technologies, physics, metaphysics, movement practices & integrative forms of creative expression for forming new ways of thinking, unifying mind-body-spirit,& for ushering in a realization of life-changing transformations. Our wholeness & ultimately the health of our little blue planet, our home in space, is dependent on our ability to live an innovative, sustainable, healthy & fulfilling life.   To accomplish such an important paradigm shift takes a creative & collaborative approach at this pivotal time on our planet.

- Cat Shepard | Founder & Creatrix,

CShepard Arts + Ancient Echoes University

Scholarship Support

Consider paying forward some good karma or love offering for those who have financial need. 

**Note: Ancient Echoes University is not affiliated with the North Carolina University System and is not state- or nationally accredited by academia. This is an advanced-level creativity instruction and community education hub that will teach you ritual skills, creative techniques, and spiritual development practices that may be transferable to your career, university studies, gap years, or other pursuits. You may reference this work as part of your professional development, training, and continued education.

Who Are We
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