Ritual Salts-

Custom Herbal Blends

Salt has been considered sacred across time and tradition.  It has been and remains today, a precious and valuable commodity in most cultures.   Salt is guarded, protected and cherished for its abundance of properties and uses for applications that can range from medicinal to the practical. It has thousands of uses besides the obvious addition in food preparation and for melting the ice in winter.


Salt comes in many colors, depending on the minerals that have been absorbed by the salt itself.  There are as many sources of salt as there are colors.  Salt comes from the sea and the soil.  It is a mineral that is unmistakable in its presence.  Salt purifies and detoxifies our bodies and our environments. 


Sacred uses for salts blended with herbs, and without, has been a part of ancient and modern cultures, worldwide. Every spiritual and religious practice includes salt as a part of its tradition and practices.  In the Roman Catholic tradition I grew up in, there was salt on the altar and our dining table.  It's a necessary part of our daily lives.  I consider using salt from both the practical and spiritual perspectives when approaching the design of each salt blend.  It brings a depth of meaning and effectiveness to my offerings.


I use my salt blends for a range of purposes.  When I make edible versions, I add it to our meals with awareness.  Just as Grandmothers across time have done, I sprinkle an unbroken line of it across our entrances for protection from unwanted visitors, both the two-legged and many-legged kinds, at each seasonal shift.  Keeping a small vial in my vehicle clears the way forward and keeps away unwanted influences.  Stashing a small bowl under the bed keeps nightmares at bay.  Adding a generous amount to the fire with an intention for clearing and purifying is a favorite ritual action. when working with fire ceremonies.  Bathing with the addition of salts is a healthy and gentle way to cleanse our entire being.


When making my blackened, herbal salt blends, I choose herbs that aid in my intended uses with care and attention to their individual and combined qualities.  For instance, if my intention is to clear the way to remembering my dreams, I might add mugwort for initiating visionary dreams and finally, 

sage for its clearing properties.  Of course, the herb choices depend on the specific requirements, as do all our of choices around creating.


I also take into consideration the moon phases, sun cycles, and seasonal shifts, just as my ancestors once did.  It brings a deeper level of understanding and an alignment with nature's rhythms and cycles where I live.  It helps me to attune to our little microenvironment, creating a harmony in daily routines.


Once I've chosen my herbs, I roast the herbs in a low oven for 1-3 days, periodically stirring them with my intended use(s) in mind.  After the herbs are cooled, I add them to the mortar, along with the variety of salt(s) I've chosen, a small amount at a time.  I crush the herbal blend and the salt(s) together as I envision outcomes for this blend's intended uses.


The act of creating ritual keeps my full awareness centered in a sacred connection with my world around me and in the greater world of the universal energies.  It brings me present, in the moment, and celebrates a connection that is more than I am.  It connects me in pure love to the magic that is alive in our universe, if we but open our selves to the creative mysteries.  It is part of my artist's expression of the divine being infused into every action and every creation I make.


An example of a batch of this ritual herbal salt blend:  created on the dark moon in Aquarius (air.communications,).  I chose to work with the following herbs;

Damiana for stimulation, activation, & creativity,

Patchouli for inviting Divine Love into our creative rites,

Skullcap for commitment & longevity,,,and 

Wormwood for banishing negativity and anger, protection and insight/intuition.


My hope and intentions are for anyone to confidently, safely and effectively use our sacred salt blends in their own unique ways of manifesting their intentions with pure love as our guide to realizing meaningful and empowering outcomes.  We wish you well on your path forward, with gratitude for your interest and engagement with our offerings.



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