2021 Summer Soul-stice Chakra Talisman set


Created & Charged during the Summer Solstice,  Full Moon in Cancer & New Moon in Cancer on June 20th, 24th, & July 9th, 2021 by Cat Shepard ~ Visionary Artist, Healing Creativity Catalyst & Ritual Arts Instructor - shepardweb@gmail.com

Vials ingredients & symbolism:

  Rose petals (deep red): Pure Love, opens & expands the heart, nurturing, radiates courage.

  Bee Balm leaves: invites joy, calming, uplifting, healing.

  Lemon Balm (leaves & flowers): soothing, calming, fortifying.

  Russian Sage (flowers & leaves): Protection, clearing, clarifying, & strengthening.

  Lavender flowers: Clearing, clarity in communications & thoughts, soothes stress & calms the nerves, promotes inner stillness.

  Violet leaves: opens & heals the heart, promotes compassion, kindness & gentleness, promotes a sense of grounding oneself in the heart center.

  Wormwood (leaves): dispels anger, protects from negativity, clears heavy & dense energies from our energy fields.

  Yarrow flowers (pink): Promotes rapid healing & stimulates a sense of vitality, opens the heart to healing & the 3rd eye to visions, unifying.



    Maple & Oak Ashes: Purification, reminding us to let go of the past, to make room for the present, and create fertilizer for new growth from the ashes of the past.


Talisman’s exterior symbolism:

Peace symbol; Visual reminder of intentions for maintaining inner balance & reinstating peace.

Natural twine (white & brown): worn as a necklace or hung up, the twine serves as a connection with nature, as well as a medium for “Cutting the Cords that Bind”.  By cutting the twine that connects the herbal talisman with the ashes talisman, one may ceremonially engage with the power of letting go of the past, making room for what is Present and for what we are Becoming.


INTENTIONS & suggestions for use: Use the back of this sheet to write down your intentions for tapping into these talismanic powers.  Keep your talismans and your intentions on an altar or carry the talisman with you as a focusing tool.  Consider what you want to experience in all your heartfelt interactions as you take time each day to hold the talismans and envision what you want to let go of to make room for what you are co-creating in your life, now and in the future.  Offer gratitude in sacred reciprocity as you complete your meditation.  

When creating ritual talismans I take into consideration the moon phases, sun cycles, and seasonal shifts.  I use local plants whenever possible, and these are all from my gardens.  This brings a deeper level of understanding and alignment with nature's rhythms and cycles where we live.  It helps us to attune to our little microenvironment, creating harmony with our immediate environments.

The act of creating ritual keeps my full awareness centered in a sacred connection with the world around me and into the greater world of Uni-versal energies.  It brings me fully present, into the moment with complete awareness, and celebrates a connection that is more than I am.  

My hope and intentions are for anyone to confidently, safely & effectively use these talismans in their own unique ways of manifesting their intentions with pure love as the guide to realizing meaningful and empowering outcomes.  

Our packaging is minimal & eco-conscious, in alignment with our commitment to honor the Earth and nature's gifts as precious & valuable.  We use natural & recyclable materials whenever possible, offering this detailed info page to cut down on paper waste.


We wish you well on your path forward, All our offerings are created & packaged with gratitude for your interest & investment.  May your kind & generous appreciation return to you, multiplied!