Bridge into the Woods

Welcome! You are invited to explore my curious world of Visionary Art & other Wonders.

Let's discover the mysteries of creativity together.  Listen deeply to the ancient echoes of wild wisdoms & find beauty, growth & transformation by embracing Art, Nature & Ritual for a more meaningful, enriching & magical life.

Nature Attunement Guided Meditation is Available as a free Welcome Offering!

Where Shall We Send It?

Our Autumn Harvest schedule of NEW virtual rituals is here!

For seven consecutive weeks, starting in September, I am offering two unique virtual opportunities for self-growth & self-mastery!

Advanced Level, In-Depth Courses  for Exploring the Creative Mysteries with Art, Nature & Ritual

Welcome to ALL who hold a passion for the creative adventure of engaging in life through joyful enthusiasm with Art, Nature & Ritual. This space welcomes those grounded within a system of support, a curiosity to learn, and a response to the call from the Mysteries beckoning to sit in go deep. If this resonates, you are welcomed with a willingness to show up for this deep psycho-spiritual work. I invite you to work with me regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or geography. As Nature welcomes all so too, do I. At this time coursework is only available in English and in-person circles are most accessible to those in the Western NC community. If an experiential 'shamanistic' path calls to you and you want to see how you may engage here, please contact me here:


From the mysteries, 

- Cat Shepard | Founder & Creatrix, CShepard Arts + Ancient Echoes University

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  • Spring Semester - March 31 - June 23, 2022

  • Summer Break - June 24 - Aug 29, 2022

  • Fall/Winter Semester -  Sept. 18  - Jan. 30, 2023

  • Winter Break - Jan 31, 2022 - March 20, 2023 

Medicine Wheel kitchen floor mural, NC 2003

The art found here is rich in symbolism, steeped in mystery & infused with sacred intention.  During its creation, each work of art is ritually & intentionally infused with deeper, universal meanings, speaking directly with our Source connections, from within our imaginations  This serves as an awakening of our inner realms of creativity and stimulates our curiosity.

The purpose & intention of this art & life work is to explore the Creative Mysteries with Art, Nature & Ritual as muses. Prints on clothing, merch + home items now available with global shipping options!

While working, Cat is actively conscious of the power of symbolism to touch the soul with unspoken meaning while being inspired by Nature, Ritual & the Creative Mysteries. With every artistic endeavor, Cat is deepening the search for the universal themes that connect us all in art & life. By tuning into the forces of Nature, along with accessing the transformative power of Ritual, a spark of something Mystical & Magical is imbued into all her expressions and explorations.

Explore the possibilities!

Cat's connection with the Mystery enriches the process of her creative expression. Recognizing that these are the creative mysteries working on, through & with us to help us transform our souls & our world while improving the quality of life for ALL.  When combined with nature's healing forces, Cat's works of art, catalyst-creativity consultations. & ritual arts instruction all have the potential to ignite changes, reawaken forgotten inner truths, & reconnect our souls with Nature & a sense of wholeness from within.

Commission your art!


Universal symbolism, creative expressions & the powerful tools of the experiential 'shamanistic' journey are shared while being inspired by Mystery, in the catalystic session.  She instructs participants in the art of the Ecstatic Trance Rituals left to us by our Ancestors. With every exploration, Cat is safely accessing altered states of consciousness naturally for finding inner wisdom, catalyzing transformation & reforging Source connections by tuning into the forces of Nature from within for the greatest good.

breaking waves2019.jpg

Welcome to a mysterious & intriguing world of art & arcanum that is Cat's domain! Open a portal to a mystical, magical, enchanting & sacred place & discover creative possibilities to explore & directly experience. This space is one of reflection & interaction, for living in a dynamic balance & harmony, while flourishing with ancient & wild wisdom, as we transform & evolve into embodying more of our highest potentials for the good of All.

Altar to  Creativity

It is a great pleasure & an honor to offer opportunities for creating powerful integrations for conscious enlightenment & restoring harmony, health & beauty on this precious little blue planet we call Home.

In this Ritual Arts Instruction, Cat combines ancient wisdom, embodied rituals & cutting-edge scientific knowledge with our primal instincts & higher consciousness for achieving a healthy dynamic balance with Nature, ourselves & in our lives for the greater good.